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Friday Linkdump emerges from the grave in search of twigs and berries

Wow, I did not intend to leave you all a couple of weeks of radio silence. We're not quite out of the woods just yet -- it's a busy time of year, and I'm adding to that busy by building a chicken coop -- but my fingers aren't so broken today that I can't bring at least a side dish to this party.

- The House just passed CISPA 248-168. While it was mostly carried by Republicans, about 40 Dems joined in. Now might be a good time to tell your Senator that random people shouldn't be permitted to read your e-mail without a warrant. (Don't know about CISPA? Here you go.)

- Insufficient Sleep Affects 30% Of US Workers. At least 15% of those workers are Darren Criss if Tumblr is to be believed.

- Employment Opportunity Commission Ruling Protects Transgender Individuals From Workplace Discrimination. I have literally spent days trying to articulate exactly how I feel about this beyond stunned and unmoored. The short version is that this is really exciting, and I'm proud that the EEOC unanimously agrees that I should be able to work, but I think we still desperately need ENDA in order to a) more explicitly protect transfolk, b) to protect LGB folk, and c) to protect straight and cisgendered folk from the perceptions of others. Also, this is absolutely something that could potentially be affected by case law. This is a foot in the door, not a complete victory.

- While I'm thinking about case law, Reuters has a freaking awesome tool for exploring SCOTUS cases from 2011-2102. Yes, I'm enough of a nerd that I just described this tool as freaking awesome.

- Oh, and while I'm thinking about things germane to gender expression, take 20 minutes of your life to treat yourself to this awesome video of Melissa Harris-Perry interviewing Mel Wymore, Mara Keisling, and Kate Bornstein about gender, gender identity and expression, etc. You might just learn something useful, and will be amazed that this actually aired on MSNBC.

- OMG, dog and cheetah BFFs.

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Three weeks, four chickens

I realized today that I hadn't taken any proper, non-phone photos of the chickens. Five minutes spent implementing some state-of-the-art bedsheet and cardboard box technology later (followed by significantly more time spent actually photographing, cropping, resizing, etc.), I am delighted to bring you these pics of my girls in their current, semi-feathery condition. Behold!

Susan (aka Sweet & Sour)

Barbara (aka Ranch Dressing)

Vicki (aka Honey Mustard)

Katarina (aka BBQ)

Today's lesson in chickening came in the form of mealworms. Namely that chickens apparently love mealworms more than anything else ever. If you fill your palm with them and stick them into a chicken-filled enclosure, you basically get to experience a combination of total chicken adoration and what Hitchcock must have had in mind when he was working on The Birds.

Considering this little tub of 100 mealworms ran me about $3, I suspect I'm going to have to start raising the little buggers...

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No linkdump is good linkdump

It's been an odd week, and I think needed a little bit of a break from playing aggregator. Consider this a reprieve from giant lists.

Still, it wouldn't be a Friday if I didn't have something to share, so you should go check out the interview I did over at Writers' Tea Party about The World in a Thimble, my novella from (re)Visions: Alice. They also talked with Kaye Chazan, Amanda Ching, and Hilary Thomas, so if you're curious about how we all approached things differently, you should stick around for theirs as well!

Over at Not Broadcast Safe, I've posted a review of Bill Maher's Religulous. Be warned: I do use the words "assless chaps" at one point.

Have a great weekend!

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Captain Chook is climbing a mountain. Why is she climbing the mountain?

Roommate: Okay. I think I've almost got this. Australorp, Easter Egger, and Barred Rock. What's the other one?

Me: Buff Orpington, space hero.

Roommate: Action hero, yeah.

Me: Buff Orpington went to school with Tek Jansen and Zapp Brannigan.

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