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Support an awesome indie publisher, get a prize!

Crossed Genres, the publisher that used to be the magazine that published my first short story in actual print, has a Kickstarter now to help them cover costs through 2013.

Bart and Kay are fantastic people, and they love speculative fiction enough that they're happy to pay for the privilege of doing the work getting it into the hands of readers. If that's not sufficient motivation, the pledge goodies are pretty sweet, too.

They're pretty close to reaching their goal, which is awesome, but I know that extra love will give them extra oomph over the next couple of years, and they're definitely people I'd love to hand all the possible tools to if I could.

So yeah! Support Crossed Genres. They will give you shiny things and make the world a better place to read in.

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I solemnly swear I am not dead.

I am, however, coming off the tail end of crunch time at my day job while hammering away at a novel-length manuscript. As one does.

I'm also having to give myself that annual reminder that I am allowed to make ridiculous one-off posts here in order to keep in touch with people instead of, say, substantive posts and/or lists of links I think are interesting or important.

So. Hello. Still not dead.

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