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So it looks like I’m working on a chapbook this year.

My Patreon -- part of my framework for making my new life as a full-time creative workable -- is up and running, and I'm both kind of stunned and delighted to have already hit one of my milestone goals: enough per month to justify working on a poetry chapbook.

(Wondering what I'm talking about? Click here to visit my Patreon page, where you can see my milestone goals, and the perks I offer folks who support my work.)

It's a project I've been kicking around for a while. Poetry's kind of a hard sell in terms of justifying the time to work on it. It's the kind of writing that isn't immediately marketable -- it might score a poet a few cans of soup here and there -- but it's a thing I enjoy and want to be doing. One of the professors who influenced me most during college (Dr. Pam McClure) was a poet, and encouraged us with an intensity that was literally life-changing for me.

I'm excited and a little intimidated that this is now a thing on my creative agenda. My current emotional state is best articulated as "" combined with a frenzied dash to dig out my notebooks.

Hello, newly real project. Yes.

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