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Triumphant return! Exciting announcements!

I'd declare this to be the return of normal service, but it occurs to me that normal is decidedly relative here in the House of Dimlight. Perhaps I should just say that I've finally recovered (more or less) from the late summer onslaught, and am excited to have my feet back under me again. Phew.

While I was busy barreling through, some really great news has come down the pipe:

(re)Visions: Alice news!
(re)Visions: Alice, the Candlemark & Gleam anthology that includes my novella, The World in a Thimble, will be out in October and is available for pre-order! You can find it in a couple of places like B&N and Amazon, but you can get way more bang for your pre-order buck -- signed copies, mad tea party kits, a limited edition slipcase edition -- by using Kickstarter to buy between now and October 11th.

Subversion news!
Crossed Genres has announced Subversion: Science Fiction & Fantasy tales of challenging the norm. My short story, "The Dragon's Bargain" is in there, as well as a foreword by Jennifer Brozek, and stories by Kay T. Holt, Cat Rambo, Natania Barron, and a ton of other very cool folks. It'll be out December 5th.

Local news!
I'll be participating in a reading with some other authors here in Columbia in October. Stay tuned for more info!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled afternoon activities.

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