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Friday Linkdump means never having to say you’re sorry.

This has definitely been a week of writing and posting things.

- Over at Not Broadcast-Safe I've posted a review of Stormhouse, the beginning of my long-haul Classic Who rewatch and a post about the latest White Collar season ender.

- Over at The Land, Sea, and Sky, I succumb to my sing-song poetry roots with a bit of ogam-learning verse at The Land, Sea, and Sky.

Meanwhile, other people did things on the Internet!

- One of my favorite folks actively working in pagan culture today, Erynn Rowan Laurie, is traveling to Ireland as part of a Brigid-focused pilgrimage, which you can find out more about here. If you're moved to support her and her work directly, she's accepting donations to assist with the preparations and otherwise smooth the way and defray some of her overall costs.

- Crossed Genres has announced an open call for their MENIAL: Skilled Labor in SF anthology. As always, CG actively solicits stories that focus on a diverse range of character types, which is always happy-making.

- If you're one of the five people who haven't read "ILU-486" yet, go do that. It's okay. I'll wait.

- Vida has released their 2011 pie charts showing percentage representation of men and women in major mainstream periodicals and literary markets, including the New York Review of Books, Harper's, and the NYT's book review section. As an annual gut-check, I think this is pretty important data.

- 50-kilogram metal sphere falls from the sky over Brazilian town. Holy shit, you guys. I always used to joke about space junk being the way I'd like to go out, but this is terrifying. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

- The MPAA just gave a documentary about teen bullying an R rating for language. The net effect is, as the article points out, problematic in that: a) it means it can't easily be used as a teaching and discussion tool in classrooms, and b) it means the MPAA has effectively said that teenagers shouldn't watch "a documentary about what teenagers actually say and do to one another." Weinstein is fighting back, but this seems like the sort of thing people should know about. (Incidentally, I'm hoping to have an opportunity to see Bully this weekend at True/False. Fingers crossed.)

- Old, old news, but I keep laughing about this video of Matt Bomer talking about wardrobe hilarity while shooting Magic Mike, including having trouble getting into a thong. It's like all of the naughty White Collar fiction on the Internet just got an extra helping of awkwardsauce.

- There's a bill under consideration in Georgia that seeks to curtail protesters' ability to picket, as well as impose significant fines and criminal charges for some kinds of protest. Worse, it may be retaliation.

- Over at HuffPo, NOW president Terry O'Neill explains the whole state-mandated ultrasound issue, and why requiring women to submit to a medically unnecessary transvaginal procedure is both ridiculous and monstrous. (And really, isn't it odd that these same conservatives who were shouting about how the government can't require us to pay for medical things are chomping at the bit to force women to pay another $300-700?) (Oh hey. Did I mention you should go read "ILU-486"? No really. Go do that.)

- Over at Dear Author, a post that starts with updates on a significant plagiarism situation going on with an RWA chapter, but what I really want to point out is the second half about Smashwords caving to PayPal over content. Look, I am no lover of some of the content they're removing at PayPal's behest, but I am profoundly opposed to the idea of PayPal being allowed to make those decisions for Smashwords or their customers.

- Oh hey! New Rufus Wainwright song. Niceness.

- I am fascinated with this promo from The Guardian. It's beautifully done, and strikes me as weirdly hopeful. Every time I watch it I have new thoughts. Not bad for what is essentially a commercial for a newspaper.

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    Wanted to say that I got Subversion and am working my way through it. Haven’t got to yours yet, but am looking forward to it. There’s some gems in there.

  2. Cool! It’s a great antho. Bart and Kay are fabulous, and wonderful to work with. I’m glad folks are checkign it out!

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