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Three weeks, four chickens

I realized today that I hadn't taken any proper, non-phone photos of the chickens. Five minutes spent implementing some state-of-the-art bedsheet and cardboard box technology later (followed by significantly more time spent actually photographing, cropping, resizing, etc.), I am delighted to bring you these pics of my girls in their current, semi-feathery condition. Behold!

Susan (aka Sweet & Sour)

Barbara (aka Ranch Dressing)

Vicki (aka Honey Mustard)

Katarina (aka BBQ)

Today's lesson in chickening came in the form of mealworms. Namely that chickens apparently love mealworms more than anything else ever. If you fill your palm with them and stick them into a chicken-filled enclosure, you basically get to experience a combination of total chicken adoration and what Hitchcock must have had in mind when he was working on The Birds.

Considering this little tub of 100 mealworms ran me about $3, I suspect I'm going to have to start raising the little buggers...

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