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Friday Linkdump is in California. And you aren’t. Unless you’re also here in California.

chainI'm traveling at the moment -- or rather I have traveled, and will be here in LA for a couple of days both working (yay, writing and editing!) and playing (yay, Gallifrey One!) until early next week, when I will travel some more -- but my laptop is here. And the Internet is here.

The Internet is always here.

Amusingly, I'm also traveling phoneless. This has been a source of amusement (and logistical trouble) for my friends and I, because while I'm happily doing what I'm doing right now with a technology that didn't exist before I did, the rest of what I'm doing is looking a little bit early 20th Century in terms of interpersonal communications. Given that I've been going without a mobile phone for several months now, some of this is easy for me. On the other hand, conventions are a space in which being able to text the person you're trying to find is Very Helpful Indeed.

It is what it is, and I like interesting experiences. So there's that.

Yesterday was Adventures in Los Angeles With Friends Day, which mainly involved a phenomenal brunch at Basix in West Hollywood, buying macarons and dog toys in Beverly Hills (less expensive than it sounds because I'm clever), and exploring Our Lady of the Angels before hitting Trader Joe's (for groceries) and In-N-Out (for delicious burger goodness and an ill-considered but still delicious milkshake).

So yes. It's been a good trip so far. Yes.

And now, links.

- Old Mexico lives on
Fascinating map from The Economist that demonstrates just how ridiculous the way we construct the concept of "American" as being primarily ethnic Western European is, and the persistence of boundaries even after they've been redrawn.

- Here's the first recorded instance of the F-word in English
Remember, kids: words survive in language because they are useful.

- Florida Ordinance Makes It Illegal For Homeless To Use Blankets
Fuck you, Pensacola.

- "A reason to hang him": how mass surveillance, secret courts, confirmation bias and the FBI can ruin your life
Short version: this is why the Fourth Amendment matters, and why the argument that if you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to be afraid of is wrong.

- 1,000 Bodies Found On University Of Mississippi Land Thought To Be From Old 'Lunatic Asylum'
I confess, I get angry and cynical about stories like this, mostly because of the intersection between our uncomfortable histories in America with regard to the lives and rights of others, the fact that those bad, old ways never quite died out, and my strong distrust in the myth of progress. I want more for someone with the means to come advocate for the dead.

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