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Hey. Hi again.

I vaguely remember, somewhere in the jumble of my early childhood, a trip to a timeshare my grandmother had at Table Rock Lake. I have no recollection of the trip other than the drive being long and boring, and peering out of the car window at what might or might not have been the lake. I don't even know if we stayed, or for how long.

So when I say posting here again feels like opening up an old cabin for the first time in years, I have literally no idea what I'm talking about. But I did do some work fixing up a house in my twenties, letting out the must, and making some cosmetic changes. So that'll have to be close enough.

So hey. Hi. This is me.

I do a jumble of things. I'm a writer, and that takes a long time, and a lot of what I've written is small, or is out of print at this point. I'm an artist, and that takes a little less time, and is easier to show off. I'm a crafter, which sometimes takes the least amount of time, but doesn't always share as easily because everything is a one-off.

Deciding what to do with this space over the past few weeks has been tricky. I share my progress every week over at Patreon, so that's not really what this space is for. And my shop isn't here -- I keep it on Etsy -- so I'm not exactly doing e-commerce here. Which, hey, I'm good with that.

What I really want to do here is to make a space where I can keep folks up-to-date about how the work is going, where to find it, and thoughts about things that relate to it/are adjacent to it.

That should be enough, I think.

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