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Friday link round-up

This is turning into a habit.

Writing: my friend J.C. Hay's short piece over at The Samhellion about characters and personal ritual.

Writing: The full results for Jim Hines' novel survey. Now with more math! And pictures!

Hey, remember that thing that was going around about the portion/plate sizes in Last Supper depictions getting bigger over the last thousand years? Yeah, maybe not.

From, The 6 Most Baffling Things Every TV Ad Assumes Are True. Image heavy, lots of embedded YouTubery, but this is uncannily accurate, at least here in the US.

A toast to your health, in which Garrison Keillor uses the words "talk to the hand." Yes, that Garrison Keillor.

There's a film at Tribeca 2010 that I hope gets wider distribution (read: either DVD or play at our local arthouse theater) called American Mystic. Minority religions get so little play in media and public discourse without it turning into something ridiculous. This looks beautiful. Yes, please.

Genuinely scary: Obama sticker incites road rage. Because nothing says "moral high ground" like rear-ending someone with your SUV.

From GQ, an article about why dirty stories are so much better than Internet smut. I've got to say I agree, and not just because I sometimes write the stuff.

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