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Super Duper Friday Link Dump

How is it Friday? How did this happen? How brilliant! I'm so excited. I just want to roll around in this whole weekend thing.

- Lambda Literary is looking for contributors. They've got a list of things they're looking for, but are open to more by the look of things. Be sure to check out their guidelines as well. And, obviously, if you're into LGBT lit as a reader more than a writer, there's a lot to love here already.

- From io9, 5 Ways the Google Book Settlement will change the future of reading. I confess, the GBR is one of those Very Big Things that I'm still processing. I've got complex opinions about things like rights, fair use, and licensing, and while I do like some of Google's aims, the overall nature of the thing is...challenging? Terrifying?

- Of interest mainly to writers and curious readers, "Testing...Testing...Is this query on?", from The Other Side of the Story, is fairly in-depth bit of usefulness about using queries to direct the work. As someone who is often tempted to start writing big without knowing where I'm going (and as someone for whom that has paid off on a couple of occasions), this is a useful technique for pinning down one's aims early in the creative process.

- From Joshua Palmatier's LiveJournal, "Check Out the Sex Scene in My Fantasy Novel", a short account of the panel of the same name at Norwescon, recounting the good advice to writers about how to handle sex in fiction. Good advice, all of it.

- Five+ Ways Being Transgender in Fandom Really Sucks, and Why I Stick With It Anyway, which I read with a lot of gladness in my heart because for all the ways genderbending and other exploration is increasingly permissible both in the culture at large and in fandom, most people don't have any real sense of what it means from the inside. This won't make you 'get it' necessarily, but it will probably make you think.

- Cherie Priest did a great post about what things authors can and can't control in traditional publishing.

- The scariest damn drug I have ever heard of. So apparently this stuff has been around for ages and is far less dramatic than the nice people of VBS would lead us all to believe. Apologies for the web fail, folks.

Have a great weekend, all.

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