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Linkdump? Don’t mind if I do!

Thing the first: I am delighted by the amount of fun friends have been having with Ginger Bill. Y'all have made my Wednesday on every level. Seriously. I love you guys.

In the name of promoting a licensing model I actively endorse, I want to officially declare that Ginger Bill is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 license. That means you can make anything you want about him as long as you don't a) sell it without my permission, or b) claim Ginger Bill is yours.

(Hint: I can be bribed with candy.)

And now, links:

More on fan fiction:
- Cory Doctorow: In Praise of Fanfic from Locus Online
- John Scalzi: Author Pokes Fanfic Hive! Film at 11! (Includes links to Scalzi's own fan fiction policy and an incredible, on-point open letter to pro authors who are anti fan fiction by Kate Nepveu).

While I'm thinking about Scalzi, a recipe I must try: Schadenfreude Pie.

While I'm still thinking about fan fiction, from McSweeney's: "Unused Audio Commentary by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, Recorded Summer 2002, for The Fellowship Of The Ring (Platinum Series Extended Edition) DVD" Part One and Part Two by Jeff Alexander and Tom Bissell.

Did you know that you can watch Sita Sings the Blues in its entirety on the Internet for free? You can indeed, and you can do it here.

Fuck yes: via Shakesville, Britney Spears releases before and after pics from her Candies ad photo shoot so that people can see the difference.

Fuck no: 'red' states refusing to move forward with creating funds to support individuals with preexisting conditions. Because, apparently, it's totally okay if those people are billed to death, dropped from coverage, and left to die.

Fuck you: Arizona's new immigration law. Because, you know, Arizona wasn't part of Mexico up through the mid-Nineteenth Century or anything. Nevermind that well over 30% of the population is Hispanic and/or Latino.

What the fuck? Evangelist and anti-gay right-wing architect George Alan Rekers takes a rent boy to Europe to "carry his bags."

Because I'm crazy, I'm two weeks into this.

From Thelemapedia, a concept I've been spending a lot of time thinking about: lust of result.

And now, to make a cuppa and get some work done on the novel.

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