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Win But Fail #3, and more links than you require

The new Win But Fail is up. This week I take on my discount chain of choice, Target.

Also, if you like zombies, poetry, and e-books, you can get Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes for $2.99 in Kindle format at Amazon or in other formats at Smashwords. I've got a piece in there, as does my good friend JC Hay.


Heads up for US readers: the Freedom For Consumer Choice Act (aka the FCC Act) is looking increasingly like an AT&T-sponsored effort to prevent the actual FCC from enforcing net neutrality laws.

It's the last week to bid to help Maria graduate. I haven't got anything in over there, but some of what's on offer is amazing.

Hey, remember that church in Gainesville that plans to burn copies of the Quran on 9/11? They're also protesting Gainesville mayor Craig Lowe, who was elected in April and happens to be gay. Consider this a second call to moderate and progressive Christians to publicly repudiate this kind of thing.

Related: NOM is running a cross-country summer bus tour to protest against marriage equality. The Human Rights Campaign has flat-out called it a sham intended to provoke the LGBTQ and ally communities into behavior that NOM can characterize as intimidation in their legal fight to restrict donor information, but it's still drawing some nasty elements from the anti-gay crowd. As others have pointed out, when an organization's entire platform comes down to a group of people being a threat to Western Civilization, that fosters this kind of violent hate.

On the other hand, groups like NOM and the American Family Association are good for one thing: helping me know where to shop. The AFA is boycotting Home Depot for being pro LGBTQ. Man. I knew I wanted to go out and buy a bunch of lumber. Mmm. Lumber.

In honor of all my friends at RWA this week, I link you all to As His Kilt Rises.

Harper Collins have adopted a novel (if slightly ridiculous) strategy for marketing literary classics to the Twilight generation: gothy covers and turgid jacket copy. They didn't just stop at Wuthering Heights. They've done it to Pride & Prejudice as well.

Maurice Broaddus did a guest spot over at Jeff VanderMeer's blog about the PC challenges of being an editor. This should be required corrective reading for apologists for all-white, all-male, all-straight, etc. anthologies, or for the underrepresentation of women and other groups in publishing.

The list of reasons I regret not going to San Diego Comic Con gets longer every year. This year: Klingon-language trolley signs.

I've used pin-up calendars before -- I'm actually using one full of firefighters in my writing office right now -- but somehow I can't help but feel I haven't reached my full potential in this arena. (Possibly a little bit NSFW.)

From NPR's Morning Edition, China's government is changing its stance on religion to encourage the resurrection of indigenous Chinese faiths and folk practices.

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