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This is why writers drink.

You know, I didn't realize until I started playing Fallout 3 just how many bottle caps I have around the house. Seriously. They're everywhere. I suspect this has a fair bit to do with the fact that I have trouble throwing them away. There's something charming about a metal bottle cap.

Maybe I need a big glass fishbowl or something to collect them in.

In other, less random news, today is Day of the Follow Up Query Letter.

It's not that I fear rejection quite so much as I fear being crushed, or possibly pointed and laughed at. I can take rejection. What I fear is being told by someone credible that I'm wasting my time. Any query puts me into contact with someone potentially credible who could not only decide I'm rubbish, and to never, ever publish me, but to tell his or her friends to do the same.

Again, this is why writers drink.

Good writing news:
- Excellent progress on a story, though I may have to drop a subplot in order to keep it under the limit for the antho I want to submit to.
- The insane-o-schedule (up at 4 AM to write) has yet to kill me.
- A published friend gave me a useful critique on a work in progress.

And, since I insist on being a raging fanboy about this several days after the fact, James Moran liked my cake.

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