Christian A. Young's Dimlight Archive


- The World in a Thimble, (re)Visions: Alice, October 2011
- "The Dragon's Bargain" Subversion, September 2011
- "Equinox" Like Butterflies In Iron (Kindle Edition, Smashwords) Circlet Press 2010
- "Finished" Crossed Genres, Issue 12, November 2009
- "I was pleasantly surprised..." Thaumatrope, 8/10/09
- "Reg stirred..." Thaumatrope, 6/20/09
- "Immurement" Doorknobs & BodyPaint #54, May 2009
- "When Aja..." Thaumatrope, 2/14/09

- "Cutting Pears" - Well Versed 2011
- "To Whom It May Concern" - Ivy Review Online, May 2011
- "Pipe" Well Versed 2010
- "The Irony is That We Are All Hungry" Well Versed 2010
- "Cold, Dead Meat" Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes, Coscom Entertainment, 2009

- "Crimson, Eleven, Delight, the Smell of Dust After Rain" - Coming Soon!
- "Writing Our Own (Alternate) Histories: Fanfiction As Folklore" Crossed Genres, Issue 15, February 2010
- "The Near-Virgin Pedestrian," "The Rope And The Lobster," and "Regarding My Next Step" Idol Musings, Fey Publishing, 2009.

Presentations, Panels, & Readings
- Panelist, Gallifrey One 2011, Los Angeles, California ("Doctor Who and the Facebook of Doom," "Hands Across the Ocean: The New Torchwood," "Sex and Sensibility in Doctor Who")
- "Finding Markets for Short Science Fiction and Fantasy," CCMWG Write Direction Conference, Columbia College, 10/23/2010.
- Panelist, Gallifrey One 2010, Los Angeles, California ("Where in the Hell Can Torchwood Go From Here?")
- Panelist, WriterCon 2009, Minneapolis, MN ("The Language of Love: How Sex Scene Descriptives Color the Overall Story" and "Evil in Our Midst: Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Fandom")
- Participant, Men Speaking Out Against Violence presented by MARS and Men As Allies, Ragtag Cinemacafe, Columbia, MO on 4/8/2009

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